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Wash Dry and Fold Service

Our attendants are trained in the most professional techniques that enables us to return your laundry to you in a neat and organized fashion.  Our goal is for you to take your clean and great smelling clothes home organized and ready to be placed in there appropriate places.  We  separate your colors and whites to insure that no color bleeding occurs.  We also use the laundry detergent additive OXI-CLEAN, instead of BLEACH, along with our special detergent for the most environmentally safe and effective way of cleaning without bleach.  To give your clothes that soft feeling and great smell, we use softener in the wash and scented fabric sheets in the dryer.

Your clothes are cared for with great  precision and care.  We track them from the moment they are placed in the washer, then to the dryer and out to the folding table.  The Attendant weighs the clothes before placing them on the shelf  for pick-up to insure the accuracy of the weight as it relates to the incoming weight. 

We take PRIDE in the quality and presentation of your Drop off.  If there is any issue with your drop off please notify us Immediately. 


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